Posted by: Andreas | February 23, 2009

Hello world, the blog’s been reborn.

Greetings everyone and welcome back in the case you read my last blog before!

My last blog was active during the years 2005-2006 and covered mostly my visit in the small town of Okazaki and my life at the Japanese language school I attended.

My current blog will however have a different focus since I grew tired of recording my daily activities for other people to read. It was fun at first but then it just felt like a hazzle and I spent less time with it as each month went by.

I have therefore decided that this new blog will only cover personal life if there’s something really exciting or some major event that goes off. Other than that, I would instead like to talk about Japan in general this time, and especially inform people who are planning on travelling to Japan in the near future, or people who are already visiting Japan about interesting destinations, restaurants, cultural events, Japanese music, literature & TV, and the like.

My main focus in the beginning will be to try to explain and help people with that exactly they need in order to apply for a visa, things to think about when entering Japan and that stuff. Later, I’ll get into the sightseeing-things once I’ve set myself up.

I am hoping that anyone planning on leaving for Japan will find this blog not only interesting but also helpful. With the help of Buddha and my own ego, I hope to keep this blog running for some time.

See you in Japan!


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